for your business

Create any number of documents in a few clicks with the document generator according to your template

Automatic mass-generation documents

Before 90%
Reduce the time for the preparation of documents
Up to 50%
Save on each employee's time
Exclude errors in the formation of a package of documents
By 80%
Reduce the quantity of penalties due to timely reissue of documents
Any amount of documents in 2 clicks
How it

Provide templates

You provide document templates
Setting up the service
We customize the service individually for your documents
Choose documents
You enter the data that needs to be substituted and select from the list the types of documents that need to be generated
Get the documents
You get the completed documents: without errors, in the corporate style, checked for the correctness of the entered data

Service is appropriate for

Logistics Department
for medium and large businesses
HR Department
Finance Department
Legal Department
Staff Department
Labor protection Department
Sales Department

Setting up the service for

to work without errors
Several businesses
Large number of employees
Need for regular updating of documents
Frequent duplication and loss of information
A large number of documents for one employee
Insert the employee's data and system will send it to him by email for review and signature
Send notifications about the end of the contract period
Offer a random documents date or a strictly fixed one
Check the data so that there are no errors
Form registers of documents for companies
Money return guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of services
Full support of the service from the developers
Workability guarantee 99%
per month
Up to 1,000 documents
$ 100
per month
Up to 10,000 documents
$ 200
+ 1 document = $ 0.01
More than 10,000 documents
$ 200
per month
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